Friday, October 3, 2014

Poem: Illusions of Grandeur

Here's a poem by long standing Headstand supporter Ralph Famularo. I met him whilst living in Osaka when he was running an internet radio station that was very much on the same vibe and featured works by myself and other creative artists in the city.

Illusions of Grandeur

He's so cool
When he takes his shoes off
They shuffle for him to walk among them again.

When he drops beans
They grow into dreams
And everyone snaps his
Fingers in his sleep

He's so cool
He makes asymmetrical objects
Form well-balanced
Leaning towers and vases
Quiver and shake when he is near
And become an audience of none
My friend Joey saw him once.
He knew him before he was known
He signed Joey's autograph backwards.
That's so Scriptural

Mohammed once asked him to open up for him the time he moved the mountains
And being so cool
He said, "No thanks.
I am not  a mere molehill. "

Joey once saw him jump from
A leaning tower
into a vase
Joey says I could never be as cool as He.
But I think maybe I could
If We could just get real.

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