Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Show: 2.4.08 with Judy Kendall and Elaine Cusack

Underworld - Moaner 
Felix Kubin - This is no dream
Jellica - I wld di 4 u 
Fantomas - 04/02/05 Saturday
Aidan Smith - Pockets
Rob Ellis - Parade in your palm
P J Harvey - Good Fortune
David Francis - In a Storm
The Broken Family Band - Honest Man's Blues
The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine
Ivor Cutler - Go and Sit Upon The Grass
The Classic Buskers - Overture to the marriage of figaro
Muzikas - swineherd's dance
Richard McGuire - J'accuse
Keith Dersley - Roughneck Road
Steph Brown - Accidental Me
17 Hippies - Schattenmann
Cream Cheese of Sun - Hadashi no sorari
Max Tundra - Pocket
Amp Live - Nudez
Chris Morris - Club News
Portico Quartet - Too Many Cooks
Dion McGregor - Mr Crench
Harry Partch - The Wayward: I. U.S. Highball-A Musical Account Of A Transcontinental Hobo Trip