Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Malcolm Guite

This week's show will feature Malcolm Guite's performance at the Headstand 5th Anniversary gig in September. Malcolm performed songs and poems including this one written during a walking tour round Ireland in the 70s:

In Bewley's

I look up, hands around my coffee cup,
On Grafton street in Bewley's coffee shop,
Blue Mountain, Java and Colombian,
The labels are a journey on their own.
Then the aroma as they're ground by hand,
Beans broken open out of every land,
Separate savours float across this room
Of dark mahogany, to a softer bloom
Of stained glass windows, where I sit apart
Warming my hands, and waiting on my heart
To call me to adventure. I have found my voice,
Yeats in my pocket, backpack full of Joyce.
I'm nineteen. It is nineteen seventy-seven,
And Dublin is the very gate of heaven.


Monday, October 29, 2012

New Single from Dizraeli

I saw Dizraeli earlier this year at a music festival in Wroclaw. I blagged my entry by participating in a poetry slam as the only English speaking competitor. You can read about that here.

Dizraeli has a new single out this week. Never Mind draws on Dizraeli's diverse musical pallette blending folk and rap with some infectious beats and witty lyrics. I look forward to playing it on my next show.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Events this Week


Get down to The Fountain on Sunday 28th October for a diverse night of spoken word from rapper Inja and American writer and poet Zakia Carpenter-Hall. Inja's performances are mind-blowing whether you're into rap or not and I look forward to hearing Zakia who I'm told is completely different but equally brilliant. Round this off with apen mic, which knowing the Allographic regulars, will be of a very high standard and you've got a great night for £3.50 full price / £2 concessions and performers.

More details on Facebook

On Tuesday there's a Strawberry fair benefit gig with The Spaghetti Faction and the Binewski Murder. Have a listen below and catch them live in the brand new gig room at the Portland Arms.


On Friday there's a chance to see a monumental band in an intimate venue when Spiritualized return to the Junction. Frontman J Spaceman has survived double pneumonia and a couple of decades in the music industry and is still producing music that is delicate and sublime. Tickets from the Junction website.

The following Sunday I'll be back on air with, among other things, poetry from Malcolm Guite and Leanne Modern.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Show: 21.10.12 with Fay Roberts and Patrick Sheil

This show featured a couple more sets from the fifth anniversary show at the Fountain last month. You can hear poetry from Fay Roberts and music from Patrick Sheil, the frontman of Moth Conspiracy
Other material included John Cooper Clarke who has a sellout gig at the Junction this month and Rob Auton following his triumphant show at the first Hammer and Tongue slam of the 2012/13 season.
Another local writer Richard Harding invites you to recharge your soul and swim with spiritual dolphins. Check out his object writing group if you're a writer in Cambridge looking for some regular inspiration. Tune into the next show on 4th November.

New Order - Blue Monday 
Clinton - Hip Hop Bricks
People Like Us - Clippety Cart Horse
Eccentronic Research Council - Her Kind Wicked sisters
Fay Roberts - Poetry
Proviant Audio - Jazzexy
Richard Harding - The Lake of Healing
Bob Purse - It’s Not A Regular Day
Patrick Sheil - Live
Rob Auton - Maroon
John Cooper Clarke - I Wrote The Songs
Behold! The Living Corpse - Deadly Swarm
Graphiqs Groove - Deep Sky Blue 


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