Saturday, May 30, 2015

Podcast: Will Ford

Cardiff writer Will Ford talks about his writing, performances and publications and offers advice to other writers. He also offers a writing prompt "There’s something flickering in the corner of my eye and I don’t know whether I should look at it..."
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Photo by: Yvette Robertshaw Photography

Here's an extract of Will's long poem The Coward which he discusses during the podcast.

The candle on the wooden table
Casts a shadow that moves in the breeze
That steals in between the planks of this hut
In my head I sink down to my knees
Clasping my hands in a desperate prayer
The blood in my veins starts to freeze
In my head I see myself
Thrashing around on the floor
A stray bullet rips at my left side
My guts open up like a door
My insides all outside
Not even the pride
Of dying a hero in war
But what's so heroic about being dead?
Every man one day must die
But not every man will use his last breath
As the fuel to ask himself why
A coward will lie forever condemned
Not just till the day that he dies

To die in battle is to die with honour
So they told us in basic training
Even if just one step is taken
And you slip in the mud that is raining
When the shell impact turns you into meat
There'll be no time for complaining
When shellfire turns you into a hero
And your remains are collected and binned
You'll be remembered for your sacrifice
And the cheerful way that you grinned
But I asked myself in my coward's crater
Where will your medal be pinned?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Show: 25.06.08

The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
Scroobius Pip - 1000 Words
Mozzy Green - Billy’s Ghost 
Toma - This is not a revolution
Dominic Mulvey - Brotherly Love
Nick Mulvey - I Didn’t Have Time
Tiger Force - Beat This!
Melt-Banana - The Call Of The Vague
The Man From Uranus - Barney’s Dream
Robert Gonzalez - Shoos
Boom Bip and Dose One - Slight
David Francis - Rain
Moth Conspiracy - Number Five
Charles Billard - Transition Shift Final
The Trench Parrots - Irrepressible Urges Of Spring
Norville Parchment - Freedom Breakes
Aidan Smith - Living On Allotments
Clare Connolly - Call You Home
Joanna Newsom - Bridges and Balloons
Dion McGregor - The Wet Parade
The Morning People - The Hardest Word
Niall Spooner-Harvey - Intolerant
Felix Kubin - Fernwarme Wien
Soyuzmultfilm - Chunga Changa
Ivor Cutler - Lemonade
Drew Moon - Transitional Days

Monday, May 18, 2015

Podcast: Julie Pritchard

In the first in a series of podcasts on writers and artists based in South Wales I talk to prolific writer, walker and event organiser Julie Pritchard who shares some of her poetry and challenges listeners to write a poem about a grain of sand. Submit you poems in the comments below or email

Little room big hate

Entering with no welcome
through a narrow minded passage
past ornamental stares of elitism,
misogynist painting’s look down.
Sycophant statue sits in the corner
ghostly Shadows on the wall not on the floor
disguised, whisperings behind closed doors.
Retiring to the top table, where opinions
are dished out from ego centric plates
sly sideboard glances gloat at others mistakes.
Bare shelves left bitter and unpublished
grey ashen cheerless fire
lacking flames of inspiration.
Cushions and curtains remain the same
fresh air loiters around sealed shut windows
they do not like change,
In a small room with big hate.

 By Julie Pritchard