Monday, August 26, 2013

Show: 25.8.13 with Afrodita Nikolova

On the last show on Cambridge 105 for the time being I was joined by Macedonian poet Afrodita Nikolova who read one of her poems and the winning entries of a poetry competition I judged for Macedonian magazine Sh.

Here is the winning entry:

The Archive

Old ambered men,
rotting in vanilla,
are bound together
and numbered
in open coffins.
And a mist of dust
protrudes through
their wooden prison;
conspiring with the
ever tempting dark
shining from above.
White paper roses bud
below ladders that end
where shadows begin;
there silk webs spread
over this waste of heads
that thrust upwards
towards the bars.

Dushko Talevski

Congratulations also to runners up Sara Jovanovska and Zorica Petkoska.


Blur - Sunday, Sunday
Peter Galub - Reacquaintance
Rob Auton - Rollerball
Alba Asensi - Dragons
Hella Better Dancer - Sleep
Bernard and Edith - Dagger
Moth Conspiracy - Hands and Feet
Jacqui and Geoff  - Unlucky Charm
Magic Arm - Is History
Romanian Village Musicians - Batuta Lui Oprica
Robert Frost - Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening
Malty Media - Good Night Kiwi (Beyond The Infinite Mix)
Daft Punk - Verdis Quo

Thursday, August 22, 2013

In Photos: Shindig closes the Romsey Art Festival

Shindig brought the first Romsey Art Festival to a dramatic close last Saturday with music, dance, film and spoken word along with Katy Mcdonald's installation ‘Light Up Your Dreams.' The paper lanterns that decorated the dimly lit church were all made by local workshop participants truly capturing the festival's theme of community. You can read my review on Local Secrets here.
The next Shindig featuring Ghost Outfit, Bernard and Edith and Holden Girls is on September 14th. Details here.

Light Up Your Dreams

Toby Peters and Diane Morrison

Gaze is Ghost

Filipa Pereira Stubbs

Filipa Pereira Stubbs and Toby Peters

Diane Morrison

‘Light Up Your Dreams.'
‘Light Up Your Dreams.'
‘Light Up Your Dreams.'
‘Light Up Your Dreams.'
‘Light Up Your Dreams.'
‘Light Up Your Dreams.'
‘Light Up Your Dreams.'
‘Light Up Your Dreams.'

Monday, August 12, 2013

Show: 11.08.13 with Ian Patterson

This show features poetry from Cambridge poet Ian Patterson reading at CB1 cafe as part of Romsey Art Festival and a varied selection of songs and spoken word old and new.
Don't miss Shindig this Saturday where you can hear Gaze Is Ghost featured on this show along with other artists and musicians.

Doves - Sea Songs
The Love Language - Kids
The Handsome Family - Lizard
Aphrodita Nikolova - A pack of Cigarettes
Gaze is Ghost - Magnus
Ian Patterson - At Romsey Poets
Rue Royale - Crater
Rebecca Clamp - Ghostly Tram Song
Golden Suits - Swimming in ’99
Ivor Cutler - Alone
Six by Seven - More
Walter De La Mare - Nod
Nick Mulvey - House of Saint Give Me
Montano - Undertones (Tim Koch’s Blundertones mix)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Poem: Unhinge - Afrodita Nikolova

Macedonian poet Afrodita Nikolova has became a distinct voice on the Cambridge poetry scene since coming here to study. Here is one of her poems, and you can hear more on the next show this Sunday.