Monday, August 26, 2013

Show: 25.8.13 with Afrodita Nikolova

On the last show on Cambridge 105 for the time being I was joined by Macedonian poet Afrodita Nikolova who read one of her poems and the winning entries of a poetry competition I judged for Macedonian magazine Sh.

Here is the winning entry:

The Archive

Old ambered men,
rotting in vanilla,
are bound together
and numbered
in open coffins.
And a mist of dust
protrudes through
their wooden prison;
conspiring with the
ever tempting dark
shining from above.
White paper roses bud
below ladders that end
where shadows begin;
there silk webs spread
over this waste of heads
that thrust upwards
towards the bars.

Dushko Talevski

Congratulations also to runners up Sara Jovanovska and Zorica Petkoska.


Blur - Sunday, Sunday
Peter Galub - Reacquaintance
Rob Auton - Rollerball
Alba Asensi - Dragons
Hella Better Dancer - Sleep
Bernard and Edith - Dagger
Moth Conspiracy - Hands and Feet
Jacqui and Geoff  - Unlucky Charm
Magic Arm - Is History
Romanian Village Musicians - Batuta Lui Oprica
Robert Frost - Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening
Malty Media - Good Night Kiwi (Beyond The Infinite Mix)
Daft Punk - Verdis Quo

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