Monday, February 11, 2013

Show: 10.2.13 with The Doozer

This show features four songs live in the studio by local musician The Doozer. The show also featured a wealth of new music from Suede, Temples, The Bitter Springs and Marnie Stern as well a song from the new Fuzzy Lights album. The band have been getting played all over Cambridge 105 and some of the bigger stations too.

Supergrass - Richard III
Suede - Barriers
Fuzzy Lights - Restless
The Doozer - Live session
Temples - Shelter Song
Luke Wright - The Luck of the Brungers
The Doozer - Live session
The Beastie Boys - Dr Lee, PHD
The Bitter Springs - The Mollycoddled Laughs
The Doozer - Live session
Marnie Stern - Year of Glad
Rue Royale - Blame
Kraftwerk - Aerodynamik

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