Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Show: 30.12.12

The last show of 2012 featured more festive tunes from artists including Aidan Smith and local band Beverly Kills who feature on the new compilation Rocket to Romsey. You can read my review of the compilation here. There is also a poem from Simon Mullen from one of the videos featured on the blog which you can see here and a song from Andy Buclaw recorded at a night that Tom Adams and I also performed at. You can find all the music from that gig and many others over the last year at

George Ezra - Let it Snow
Aidan Smith - Christmas Hangover
Beverly Kills - Walking in the Air
Porky the Poet - Father’s Christmas
William S Burroughs and Kurt Cobain - The Priest They Called Him
The Mountaineering Club Orchestra - Christmas at Godthaab (Absorb the Sun Remix)
Terry Edwards - The Christmas Song
Sam Hughes - Punks at The Cashpoint
Simon Mullen - Fire150
The Decapitated Hed - Kolendy Scięcie
Richard Wilbur - Year’s End
Starporn - The Ice Dropper
Andy Buclaw - The National Curriculum
Ghostpoet - Morning Ft Micachu
People Like Us - I’m Backwards
Ubik - I’m not myself

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