Monday, January 14, 2013

Show: 13.1.13 with Steve Larkin

This show features an interview and poem from performance poet Steve Larkin. There is also a lot of new music including a track from the new album by Cambridgeshire band Fuzzy Lights and one from Christopher Owens' new album which you can read my review of here. There is also a song by Rue Royale who play Shindig in Cambridge on January 26th.

Antibalas - Dirty Money
Fuzzy Lights - Summer Tide
Indians - Cakelakers
Rue Royale - What Next Dear One
Steve Larkin Interview
Volunteers - Straight Edge Kids Make Me Wanna Binge Drink
Sam Hughes - The City
Christopher Owens - Here We Go
Beat Mark - Breezing
Ivor Cutler - Baked Beetles
Bruce Mcrae - Cries of The Innocents
Gaze is Ghost - Invisible Cities
The Emer Mulholland Group - Widower’s Song
Stealing Orchestra - Time Travel Waltz
Bubble Pie - Swing
Krackatoa - Brazilian Wax On Wax Off

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