Saturday, April 18, 2015

Show: 28.05.08 with The Pixiphones, Magic Phil, Hollie McNish and Nick Stibbs

This show from 2008 is a real classic with a live session from The Pixiphones an early band of Tom Adams – now a familiar name on the Cambridge music scene and beyond. There are also contributions from several local poets including an early radio broadcast from Hollie McNish.

Drew Moon - Luke's Home
Manu Chao - Merry Blues
Aidan Smith - The Regret Rap
The Trenchparrots - Footprints
Porticillius Gate - Percyval Vanguard’s android wife
Clare Connolly - Your Hat
Melt-Banana - Spider Snipe
Magic Phil - Jack and The Genestalk
Hollie McNish - Fruit and Vegetables
Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla
Bjork - Alfur Ut Ur Hol
Radiohead - Life in Glasshouses 
Nick Stibbs on Walt Whitman
Lambchop - The Distance from Her to There
David Francis - Those Summer Chairs
The Morning People - They Did Something
The Rude Mechanicals - Frying the Neighbours
Tricky - Black Steel
Ivor Cutler - Bird Swing
Cream Cheese of Son - Lo to Hi

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