Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Headsound: The Prisoner of Mars - How Can You Boycott a Rainbow?

How Can You Boycott a Rainbow? is the lead track from the latest album by The Prisoner of Mars,  Lavender Larceny and the Dusty Pellet. Lo-fi punk with 60s rock and psychedelia under pin the sound of the Cambridge's Bryan Shore who has slipped beneath the radar up to now. He has a few other Cambridge musicians as ad-hoc band mates and is a favourite on Cambridge 105 show Sonic Delights. Here he explains the song title and illustration:

"This song was inspired by middle-America’s threatened boycott of Oreo cookies, simply because they were planning on bringing out the cookies with rainbow coloured cream filling in support of gay rights. In a Facebook conversation on the subject, someone quite reasonably asked “how can you boycott a rainbow?” 

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