Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shindig this Saturday with Wooden Arms // August & After and Milly Hirst

Shindig returns to St Philips on Mill Road this Saturday with art and music from Norwich and Cambridge. Details below and on Facebook.

Clandestine, candle-lit adventures with some of Norwich's finest, augmented with the fabulous ex-Cambridge duo August & After. Expect an intimate show of beautifully acoustic indie-folk in a stunning setting.

Performances will be forthcoming from the following...


// Wooden Arms -

Sound reverbated through bone to flesh; a clattering composition of cacophony; frequencies expelled via the instrument and voice to form music.


// August & After -

Abundant vocal harmonies and narrative lyricism, spilt onto a bed of gentle, intricate guitars and classically-inspired orchestration. Additional strings adorn their live performances to recreate the tones of their home recordings. You can hear one of their songs on the latest show.


// Milly Hirst -

A prominent figure in the thriving and Norwich folk scene, Milly's music has enchanted wherever she has plied her trade. A voice that can transform a drunken audience into an attentive one.

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