Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Show: 5.5.13 with The Breaches

The Breaches talk about their music and new album which you can purchase via their website. There's a variety of music and spoken word as usual including some music recorded by Patrick during a brief trip to Morocco. You can read more about that trip here.

Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc. - Caballo Negro
April March and Aquaserge - Black Bars
The Handsome Family - Octopus
Nick Jaina - Don’t Come To Me
Robert Wyatt - Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road
Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge - The Dope On Perelman
The Breaches - Interview
The Breaches - Jesus Wept
Leanne Moden - Take Me Out
Public Sector - Ego
Nathan Leigh - Oh! What a Captain of Industry
Moroccan Musicians - Unknown
The Impossebulls - AmeriKan Indle
Memoryloop - Levitate Jet Jaguar - Will Shred (feat. Clare Wieck)

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